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Sunday Childhood Menu

     Welcome to Thaicoon & Sushi Bar, Our Sunday Childhood menu was created back in 2001 aiming for Thai students study in Atlanta and the vicinity. At that time we sell a bowl of noodle soup, our papaya salad that add some spicy make the test so good.  Make our restaurant the hang out place for those students, Friends and Family, who want to enjoy authentic Thai food like they used to have. The menu offer typical dishes that we can have at school’s cafeteria and campus restaurant  at least to make them feel like home away from home.

           Nowadays, we still carry on our tradition and would like to encourage you to try our Special Sunday menu. Let’s explore Thailand in another aspect that you may not know before. Have fun and enjoy our food. Sunday is always a beautiful day.

                                                                                          Thank you for dining with us

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